Evelina Jakovlevskaja


Evelina Jakovlevskaja is a world renowned equestrian sports photographer specialising in equestrian events and all that surrounds them, working on commissions for businesses and individuals.
She is well known for the highly distinctive style of her photography that perfectly combines fine-art orientated works with the slightest hint of glamour. Having studied Marketing and Fashion at London University of Arts, she is also aware that the image must have a commercial value.
She has the ability to freeze the emotions in action at the precise moment they needed to be captured. A master of natural light, which is so important in sports photography, she is able to use it to her favour. Her unique equestrian sports compositions are carefully thought out days before the event, so at the time of the shooting she can entirely concentrate on capturing the emotions of the guests and athletes.
She does assignments for all types of clients anywhere in the world; photographing at top level tournaments as well as at small friendly tournaments and private events.
For her client’s PR usage, her digital shots, selected and processed, can be delivered on the same day. When working for brands she has the capability to capture both an event as well as the all important brand ID elements that show how well it was put together.

She mixes a strong eye for detail and the experience she gathered working many years on the field. Arriving first to the event, she starts her work by analysing the environment. She is dynamic and never stays in one place, which is essential in order to get as many elements as possible for use by the client across a myriad of platforms including: social media, press releases, magazine articles, digital and print advertising.
She is commissioned by global brands, polo clubs, horse lovers and owners, patrons of polo teams and photographs every project with a devotion and dedication.