The wild nature of Dior.

Four extreme life choices in contact with nature. Dior says the return to the origins of four men, each starred in an episode of Tales of the Wild.
The directing duo, Clément Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson, with images from the powerful hypnotic force, tells the unconventional choice of living of these four men. Each episode describes an extreme way of life, the turning away from already decided destiny.
Living in a wild land and be one with it. Being immersed in the immensity of nature, focused on a single effort, without losing touch with the world. Choose your own destiny against all odds, ignoring modern needs and the urban madness.

In the second episode, fascinated by the lifestyle of the "GAUCHO", the Austrian Jakob Von Plessen has followed the life story of his childhood heroes. Holed up in the splendour of the landscapes of Patagonia, in complete harmony with his horses, gladly welcomes those who want to discover this lifestyle.

Evelina Jakovlevska